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Network Architecture and Design

Building highly scalable and robust networks that can grow with your business yet still remain cost-effective can be challenging even on the best of days. Throw in a tight deadline for a critical project and a complex technology that requires hiring and training new staff to properly support it, and it can seem all but impossible.

Fortunately, Petabit Scale can help.

We have decades of experience designing and building some of the largest and most complex networks on the planet and know how to handle some of the unique challenges which only present themselves at extreme scale.

Our in-house experts are world-class leaders in the fields of, among many others:
Internet networking,
MPLS and Traffic Engineering
Datacenter and Cloud Networking
Optical Networking for both metropolitan and long-haul networks
Low-Latency systems using fiber and microwave systems

Whether you're building an Internet Exchange Point or a complete Tier 1 carrier, implementing a scalable datacenter CLOS fabric, deploying a state-of-the-art global EVPN/VXLAN cloud fabric, or you need to connect a single datacenter or build a cost-effective 92 Terabit/sec cross-continent long-haul system, we can deliver.

Let us help your business, with our deep expertise and turn-key solutions in the following areas:

Optical Networking
  • Design and architecture of complex metropolitan and long-haul optical systems.
  • Expertise with the latest Coherent and PAM4 transponder technologies.
  • Massively scalable 90+ Terabit/sec optical platforms and solutions.
  • Open Line System designs, with native support for alien wavelengths.
  • Highly disruptive ultra high OSNR long-reach design capabilities.
MPLS Networks
  • Decades of experience building massively scalable MPLS architectures.
  • Fully automated Traffic Engineering capabilities, with AutoBW and PCEP support.
  • Comprehensive automation and tooling for maintaining massive MPLS networks.
Datacenter Networking
  • Modern and robust EVPN/VXLAN-based transport fabric architectures.
  • Massively scalable multi-Terabit datacenter CLOS fabric designs.
  • Pre-wiring and structured cable designs for scalable datacenter fiber designs.
Low-Latency Solutions
  • Complete solutions for ultra low-latency fiber and microwave system requirements.
  • Expertise at identifying the lowest latency paths available, anywhere in the world.
Internet Networks
  • Comprehensive solutions for even the largest carrier-grade Internet networks.
  • Powerful and highly customizable BGP Community systems.
  • Advanced automation and tooling for IRR, prefix-filters, BGP leak filters, and more.
  • Industry leading packet filtering and control-plane hardening designs.


How effectively you’re able to buy the critical network infrastructure and services that support your business can play an absolutely critical role in your bottom line…

Far from just “haggling over price”, effective procurement requires an enormous commitment of time, an expansive knowledge and experience base to know where to look, and deep subject matter expertise to know when you can trust the promises your vendor makes. This can be a precarious place to be, particularly when your infrastructure needs are large or highly specialized.

At Petabit Scale we have decades of experience doing world-class procurement for all forms of network infrastructure and getting outstanding deals in the process too. Whether you’re looking for multi-terabit core routers or fiber-optic patch cables, wholesale capacity on sub-sea cables systems or simply the best price on pluggable optics, we’ve done it all.

We make it our business to understand the underlying costs of the major providers, down to the component or underlying infrastructure level, which lets us negotiate pricing most people would never dream of seeing.

When it comes to sourcing the best deals on the best infrastructure, we can’t be beat.

Strategy and Insight

Does it ever feel like your business is just one step behind? Having insight doesn't just make the decisions easier; it makes the implementation faster. The question is how do you gain insight when the world seems to be getting smaller, but the information is only growing?

At Petabit Scale, we have expertise in many different verticals and work closely with equipment providers, service providers, DC operators and many more. We work with you, from taking to attend information sessions and one on ones to discuss your needs, to helping design the next generation systems that futureproof your business.

This gives Petabit Scale the ability and insight to help your company create a strategic roadmap - not just for the present, but to encompass your business’ vision for the future as well.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services means many things to different people…

It’s easy to get bogged down and focused on one aspect, but to be successful you need to be strong in the hardware, software and networking.

At Petabit Scale, we are able to design, architect and implement all infrastructure services within your current or greenfield network.

Infrastructure Services means many things to different people…

It’s easy to get bogged down and focused on one aspect, but to be successful you need to be strong in the hardware, software and networking.
You need a partner that delivers knowledge and expertise and will work with you to provide infrastructure built with a proactive mindset. The last thing you want to worry about when working to improve your organization is whether the infrastructure can keep pace with the need to innovate and respond to competitive pressures.
When you work with Petabit Scale, you can be pretty sure we’ve thought a lot about building and integrating systems. After all, we build and integrate systems for a living and we’ve been doing it a long time!

At Petabit Scale, our core business is solving your problems as efficiently as possible, using our well-defined set of tools and processes. We’re able to design, architect and implement robust, all-encompassing infrastructure services within your current or greenfield network.

From turn-key infrastructure in a box to managed infrastructure services, we’ve got you covered.